Why Hire a Freelance Proofreader?

You’ve finished your book, novel, dissertation, thesis, or article and are ready for submission.  However, before you send your document to the publisher you want to ensure that it is professional. I’ve read numerous articles from publishers stating that they will immediately turn down a book, novel, or article that has more than one spelling or grammatical mistake on the first page.  Many of them back this statement saying, “a professional writer should be capable of producing professional work.”

It’s natural to overlook your errors, and no matter how skilled you are as a writer, you’re going to miss something, especially in extremely long documents such as books or novels.

That’s where a freelance proofreader comes in.

A Freelance proofreader acts as a second pair of eyes that can pick out the small spelling and grammatical mistakes found in books, novels, and articles.  Additionally, because many of our freelance proofreaders are also editors, they can point out more serious inconsistencies that may occur in your document.

Dragonfly Freelance provides you with the freelance proofreaders to edit any document, and we’re happy to be a part of our clients’ road to publication.

A Dragonfly Freelance proofreader generally provides online proofreading services, meaning they don’t deal with hard copies of manuscripts, they deal with online versions of your document.  Our freelance proofreaders utilize Microsoft Word’s Track Changes utility to provide you with a complete record of changes made to your document.

Finding a reliable proofreader can be difficult, and we’re aware that freelance proofreaders found on the internet can be questionable.  That’s why we guarantee that our freelance proofreading services are of the highest quality, and the project is not completed until you are completely satisfied with the work provided by our freelance proofreader.

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