Business Writing Services

Business writing is a significant aspect of any professional company or business, and the quality of emails, white papers, articles, and web pages that a business develops often reflect on the quality of that business.

As a reflection of a company, it is important that business writing captures the overall tone of a business. This tone should be concise and to the point, and deliver your message in the most professional manner possible. Contractions such as you’ll and I’m should be avoided in business writing and the voice should be one of expertise and confidence. Paragraphs and sentences should also be concise and avoid excessive verbiage when possible.

Business Solutions

Dragonfly offers business writing and editing services for companies of all size, and we are frequently asked to handle overflow issues, or to satisfy the business writing needs of a growing company.

We provide a wide spectrum of business writing services, including:

  • White Papers
  • Press Releases
  • Emails
  • Search Engine Optimization content
  • Articles
  • Copy Writing

Before providing any business writing, we prefer to learn about you in order to develop content that best represents your vision. Once hired, we consider ourselves part of your business, if only temporarily, and our interest in helping clients grow and develop is a major aspect of our company philosophy.

We also provide internet marketing solutions including SEO, pay per click (PPC) management, and link building. These services are designed to attract customers to your website and significantly improve your online visibility.

Dragonfly is based out of Baltimore, MD; however, we provide services via telecommuting throughout the country.

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